Imagine teaching 10 little girls, who have never seen a sewing machine in real life, how to sew a pillowcase.  Sound insane?  Well, it went so much better than I expected!  Of course I had wonderful help from my Girl Scout co-leaders and a terrific set of girls.

I got this idea from Therm O Web, an adhesive company I work with.  Therm O Web is a proud sponsor of the One Million Pillowcases Challenge thru Better Homes & Gardens.  The pillowcases we made will be donated to charity (we don’t have a specific charity yet but we are hoping for a women’s/children’s shelter).  Our challenge was to make pillowcases with our Brownie Girl Scouts.  My little Brownies had SOOOOO much fun making these pillowcases.  And they loved that they would be given to children and women in need.  Of course they wanted to take one home too, but that will have to be a separate meeting!

The key to working with kids is pre-work, pre-work, pre-work.  We had to teach the kids how to use a sewing machine and make the pillowcases in just 3 hours.  I cut all the fabric, cut all the dots, prepped the dots with Therm O Web Heat N Bond, and even threaded all the machines before they arrived.  I also made a complete sample for them to see before they started.  I had all pieces ready for a second sample that was constructed step-by-step with the girls as an example.


When the girls arrived they got a short lesson in the parts of the machine and got to test-sew some scraps together.  Then it was on to the real deal.  Like I mentioned, overall they did a great job.   Some of the more experienced sewers put dots onto their pillowcases but some of the newbies didn’t get that far.  And that was okay!


In the end we made 12 pillowcases to be donated.  It was a busy but fun afternoon!

All the gorgeous fabric was donated by my fellow Therm O Web Design Team member Pat Sloan.  Thanks Pat!

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